Kythera, the birthplace of Aphrodite

Kythera or Tsirigo is the southernmost of the Ionian islands. Located across from the southeast edge of Peloponese, in the entrance of the Laconic Gulf. It is the only Ionian island not belonging to the Periphery of Ionian islands, but to Piraeus Prefecture. However, in the course of history followed the common fate of the Ionian Islands. Kythira, also known as the island of Aphrodite, since according to Hesiod was born here the most beautiful goddess of Olympus reason of their geographical situation were the bone of contention for many conquerors.

The island is located "where the West merges with the East Mediterranean" and where cultures crossed and knitted toys of fate. Boasting the Alteration of scenery and monuments scattered in the legacy of civilization reveal the uniqueness of Kythera in Greece. The nature gave Kythera unique beauties. Landscapes alter and fill the sight with unique pictures. Rocky places full of bushes, hills with pine trees, lacy shores, golden beaches and turquoise waters, rugged beaches, deep gorges, caves and ravines that lead to the blue waters of the sea, all the elements of nature in harmonious coexistence, create an idyllic picture of Kythera.